✨ It's Shuence

🚀 Welcome to my World!

I like making stuff, Write about it and putting it on the internet....


I'm a programming enthusiast, I love exploring new new things daily and always learning new new stuff daily Improving my technical skills. I have experience working with Web development frameworks like React js and Node js and have a bit but enough knowledge of cloud computing like google cloud and AWS. But I'm not strong in Data Structures and Algorithms but I'll master it soon in next few years. I also love writing about my feelings, Mine own thoughts and much more coding tutorials and cheetsheets. I also love watching Anime and Playing games like I'm a full gamer I love exploring and playing new new games. I also have great knowledge of linux and also the hacking stuffs but currently I stop exploring the world of hacking as my loved one don't like it me doing that bit illegal stuffs. Well I'll continue exploring it if i got permission from her.

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✨ Projects

Check my Github Profile for Projects.

✨ Accomplishments

Not any yet But surely in next few years....

Fuck the problems in your life the way life fucks you ✨
- Shuence

✨ Timeline

Primary School

At village Z.P. School But I had great time while learning there. The teachers are so nice and supportive.

High School

At Ujwalatai Pawar School actually when I was in 8th std My father's got promoted so our family shifted in the city. I actually love the time I spend in ups got really some good friends and the knowledge i got from tjhe teachers of ups that's insane I mean that really matter alot in my future life.


Next year looking forward........

Thanks for watching!